Todd Dunn

Director of Innovation: Intermountain Healthcare Transformation Lab at Intermountain Health

Todd Dunn has served as the Director of Innovation for Intermountain Healthcare’s I.S. Organization for many years. He led Intermountain’s Healthcare Transformation Lab. Dunn has worked for notable companies such as Cisco, Siemens, and GE. For many years, Dunn has pursued innovative approaches to solving complex problems. From his efforts at Cisco and other companies to his efforts to bring to bear the fundamentals of innovation and deep employee engagement to Intermountain, Dunn has passionately pursued innovation and making a positive impact. Dunn often spends his free time advising startups and working with early stage companies. Dunn was invited by Alex Osterwalder to be an exclusive pre-reader and contributor to Alex’s most recent release, “Value Proposition Design”. He also wrote a blog titled, “ The Seven Deadline Healthcare Startups Sins for Steve Blank’s website.

Dunn’s most recent work will be highlighted in Clayton Christensen’s upcoming book, “Competing Against Luck”.  Dunn received his undergraduate degree in Marketing from the University of Utah, and his MBA from Michigan State University.