Rachel Ford Hutman

CEO and Founder, Ford Hutman Media

Ford Hutman Media provides media relations, thought leadership and executive visibility to life science companies across the globe. Clients range from venture-backed startups to large cap public companies. The firm was founded by Rachel Ford Hutman, a media relations standout and global health industry connector. Rachel started her career as a reporter and excels at working with the media to bring health stories to life.

Rachel has worked on some of the world's biggest therapies and medical technologies of all time, including the first RNAi therapy (Alnylam’s ONPATTRO), the first therapy for DMD (Sarepta’s EXONDYS 51), the first technology in the world to personalize insulin 24 hrs. a day (Medtronic’s MiniMed 670G), IBM's AI launch into healthcare (Watson Health) and Google's sister life science company (Verily).

With 15-years of communications experience, she is consistently leveraging her long-standing relationships with global agenda-setting reporters across a range of outlets on behalf of clients. Named a Power Woman of San Diego, 2020 and the Public Relations Society of America’s PR Professional of the Year in 2011, Rachel has built a reputation for her positive energy, creativity and humor. She received her MA in communications at San Diego State University and her BA in English/ History from University of Maryland.