Anoop Kumar MD, MMgt

Author, Emergency Physician

Anoop sometimes kept his winter jacket on all day in school, afraid to show too much of himself. He felt the curriculum was designed for robots. He got through high school pretty well, but was kicked out of college after one semester. That happened three more times. He then watched late night TV shows for a while. A family friend suggested Anoop should apply to medical school. When he asked his professors for recommendations, they thought he was nuts. He matriculated a short while later. Immediately after graduating, Anoop got married to a girl that is still teaching him a lot. It was difficult starting residency right after getting married. He had to work hard to communicate better and share his inner world. He's still working on it. While training in the ER, it became clear to Anoop that there is an undiagnosed emergency we are ignoring. Namely, the more we are taught, the less we seem to know, a pandemic that has led to systemic societal ailments, including in healthcare. Anoop felt he would be abdicating his responsibility to his patients, son, and everyone else if he didn't speak up, so he began writing and speaking publicly. Anoop is a featured columnist, international speaker, the author of two books, and does some other fun stuff. Visit him at, and come say hello. I bet he'd enjoy meeting you.